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About our environmental policy

Protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations is a cross cutting
value within the South Gloucestershire Community Strategy and is one of the core
values that underpins all our work. This policy statement sets out our environmental commitment, objectives and arrangements for delivery. It replaces and updates previous policy statements.

Our commitment

We are committed to managing our environmental impacts, and identifying and
delivering a coordinated programme of activities to meet our objectives and deliver
continual improvement.

Our objectives

We will:

  • reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • reduce energy use
  • increase development and use of renewable energy
  • reduce transport emissions
  • reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling
  • use water efficiently, and sustainably manage the water environment
  • use materials efficiently and procure materials and services from sustainable sources
  • prevent pollution of land, water and air
  • protect and enhance biodiversity
  • use land wisely and conserve and enhance local environmental quality

To achieve this, we will:

  • identify and address those aspects of our operations which result in the most significant environmental impacts
  • agree environmental priorities and targets
  • monitor and review the effectiveness of actions
  • identify and comply with all environmental legislation and codes of practice relevant
    to our activities and services
  • assess and take into account the environmental implications of all policies, practices
    and decisions
  • take environmental impacts into account during procurement of goods and services
  • procure timber and timber products from sustainable sources
  • encourage our contractors to demonstrate their shared commitment to the delivery of
    our environmental objectives
  • use our influence to inspire council staff and those who live and work in or visit South
    Gloucestershire to consider the environmental implications of their activities, and to
    take action to improve their local and wider environment
  • publish and disseminate information about our environmental impacts, how we are
    managing them and our achievements

Delivery arrangements and responsibilities

  • All members, managers and staff are responsible for carrying out decisions and
    delivering services and activities in line with the policy
  • Leadership and support for environmental management will be provided within the council through elected representatives and senior managers
  • The Policy and Resources Committee has overall responsibility for the implementation of the policy. All other committees are responsible for implementing the policy within their portfolio
  • The Director of Corporate Resources supported by the environmental policy and climate change officers is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the policy
  • All managers are responsible for ensuring the policy is integrated into the work of their department.
  • The policy is implemented through a number of more detailed strategies, plans and initiatives with development and implementation responsibilities of their own for example the Carbon Management Plan and departmental service plans.
  • Performance is monitored through the council’s performance management framework

For further information

Contact the Environmental Policy and Climate Change Officers on 01454 862224/ 3328, or

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