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Local flood risk management

Lead Local Flood Authority – About us

As the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for South Gloucestershire, we have a responsibility to manage local flood risk in a coordinated way which involves developing a “Local Flood Risk Management Strategy” for the area which aims to deliver the greatest benefit to the people, property and environment of South Gloucestershire.

This role as LLFA includes assessing the risk of surface water flooding across South Gloucestershire as well as working with organisations responsible for water management across the county, so that we can bring people and resources together more effectively so that we can reduce the likelihood of flooding happening, and provide the best possible help when it does happen.

Our “Lead Local Flood Authority – About us” document that sets out our responsibilities as LLFA and the background legislation to this role.

What is local flood risk?

Local flood risk is the process or the ability to understand the extent of flood risk across a local area and what steps should be taken to consider flooding from all sources, taking into account climate change.

Our “What is Local Flood Risk?” document describes the main sources of local flooding in South Gloucestershire.

Roles and responsibilities

There is no single body responsible for managing flood risk in the UK because of the role of the devolved administrations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Our “Roles and Responsibilities” document provides a breakdown of all the main agents in involved in managing flood risk, including the Government, the Environment Agency, LLFAs, internal drainage boards, highway authorities, water and sewerage companies, riparian owners, town and parish councils and communities.

Assets register

In his review of the summer 2007 floods, Sir Michael Pitt recommended that local authorities should collate and map the main flood risk management and drainage assets (over and underground), including a record of their ownership and condition.

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 received Royal Assent on 08 April 2010. The Act implements those recommendations made by Sir Michael Pitt which require primary legislation including the recommendation for local authorities to establish and maintain a record of assets.

Our “Asset Register” document sets out the relevant Section 21 of the Act and provides information on the status of our flood risk and drainage asset register.

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