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Climate change strategy

The South Gloucestershire Climate Change Strategy 2018-2023 was adopted by Cabinet on the 8 October 2018.

It is due to be endorsed by the South Gloucestershire Strategic Partnership in January 2019.

The strategy covers both Climate Change mitigation and adaptation and includes the following targets.

Carbon Emissions

To reach at least an 80% reduction of carbon emissions from a 1990 baseline

Current situation: 41% reduction on 1990 levels of carbon emissions


To reach 6% renewables as a percentage of local energy demand by 2028, leading to a target of 25% by 2036

Current situation: 3.6% of local energy demand

Climate Change Adaptation

To respond to new national data emerging from the UK climate projections 2018 in combination with local data and make appropriate adjustments

Current situation: Measures from the last Climate Change Adaptation plan implemented.

Delivering the strategy

In order to deliver the strategy we are developing five action plans

  1. Climate Resilience
  2. Carbon Emissions Reductions
  3. Renewables
  4. New Development
  5. Low Carbon Economy

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