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Climate change strategy

The council has been working with our strategic partners and the wider community on measures to tackle climate change for over 12 years, delivering work on the council estate, on street lighting, in schools, through transport infrastructure schemes and flooding prevention schemes and through work to enhance the natural environment.

Climate Emergency

On the 17 July 2019, South Gloucestershire Council declared a Climate Emergency.

This means that the council is saying that the global climate is in a state of breakdown and that this is an Emergency Situation and that we all need to urgent take steps to address this situation by preparing for the local impacts of climate change and by reducing our carbon emissions.

The council has committed to a target of net zero carbon emissions across the area by 2030.

In addition the council is signing up to the UK100 pledge to ensure 100% renewable energy across the area by 2050.

Addressing the Climate Emergency locally will involve increasing action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport, housing, industry and land use and working with a wide range of stakeholders including residents, businesses, community and voluntary groups, health providers, landowners and strategic organisations.

The council will be looking at the action it is currently taking on climate change and will be considering how this can increased.

Local climate resilience measures will need to consider extreme weather events and local climate changes, water use, food availability and protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

The council has set up a cross party task and finish group who are considering how the council can respond to and work with and enable others to respond to the Climate Emergency situation.

On the 19 July 2019 the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) also declared a Climate Emergency with a target of net zero emissions by 2030. South Gloucestershire will work with WECA and the other unitary authorities in our area to respond to this undertaking.

To find out more about local authorities who have declared a Climate Emergency and what this means visit

South Gloucestershire Climate change strategy 2018-2023

As a result of this Climate Emergency declaration the council will be updating the targets within the existing South Gloucestershire Climate Change Strategy 2018-2023 shortly to bring them in line with the new targets set within the Climate Emergency declaration.

The South Gloucestershire Climate Change Strategy 2018-2023 was adopted by Cabinet on the 8 October 2018 and was endorsed by the South Gloucestershire Strategic Partnership in January 2019.

In order to deliver the strategy we are developing five action plans

  1. Climate Resilience
  2. Carbon Emissions Reductions
  3. Renewables
  4. New Development
  5. Low Carbon Economy

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