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Our online services for planning, building control and licensing applications will be unavailable tomorrow from 12pm to 2pm, Saturday 3 December. This is due to essential maintenance.

Road sweeping and gully emptying


Road sweeping vehicles sweep the road channels (gutters) of most kerbed roads on a scheduled basis. This removes any grit, litter and general dirt that has collected there. We aim to complete all swept roads every 12-16 weeks.

We also have mini sweepers that sweep town centre pedestrian areas and some cycle routes.

In some roads, we have trouble sweeping the gutters because of parked cars. We deal with these roads by including them on a traffic management programme and writing to residents asking them to remove their cars on a specific day so we have access to the road channels.

Autumn leaf fall

During autumn leaf fall, we suspend routine sweeping so that we can divert resources into clearing leaves.

Our annual leaf clearance programme typically starts towards the end of October each year but can vary depending on weather conditions.

During the clearance programme, mechanical sweepers will be diverted from routine sweeping and will work alongside pedestrian operatives clearing leaf fall from footways.

As well as targeting hot spot areas, we will carry out responsive work following reports from residents.

Year on year these sites rarely change but we do make minor changes sometimes depending on the conditions of the streets.

You can also view the schedule (the 2016 schedule is still valid).

Road gullies

Report a blocked drain or gully

We aim to empty the majority of roadside drains (gullies) once every two years to ensure that water can flow away freely.

There are some drains (gullies) identified as being in areas of potential flood risk that are cleaned more frequently.

This map identifies when the drains (gullies) in your area were cleaned.

If you notice a blocked drain (gully) that is causing flooding that please tell us about it using the button above.

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