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Get ready for Brexit. Information on how we are preparing for Brexit in South Gloucestershire.

Request a bin or box

Green bags for recycling cardboard and white bags for recycling plastics and cans are no longer available. If you have ordered one of these bags, you will have a green recycling box delivered instead.

Please sort your recycling in the green boxes like this.

Request a bin or box

If you have already ordered a container and it has not yet been delivered, please call 01454 868000. Please do not place another request as this will create a duplicate order.

Each house is provided with:

  • two green recycling boxes
  • a food recycling bin
  • a kitchen caddy
  • one black bin

Flats have communal bins for waste and recycling. Please do not use the form on this page to order recycling containers.

How to sort your recycling for collection

Order free replacements for lost or damaged containers using the link above. You can order extra recycling containers free of charge.

If you think you need an extra black bin, you can apply for one by contacting us on 01454 868000.

For a fortnightly collection of garden waste from a green bin, sign up to our garden waste collection service.

Orders for containers are monitored to identify issues with collections.

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