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Garden waste sacks

​For £2.20 you can buy a single use garden waste sack.

The sacks can be purchased from our libraries during staffed hours. Please note that library opening times changed in October 2017 – check the staffed opening times of libraries before setting out. The sacks can also be purchased from Country Stores at 48 High Street Marshfield SN14 8LP.

The price includes collection from your home.

How the service works

About the sacks

  • They are single use sacks
  • We can only collect garden waste in authorised and booked sacks
  • They are made from durable paper that is composted with the garden waste
  • They hold up to 75 litres of garden waste
  • This type of sack is used by other authorities and has proved to be a useful way for residents to recycle their garden waste

What you can put in the garden waste sack

Only household garden waste may be placed in the sacks. This may include grass cuttings, leaves, weeds, hedge trimmings, plant prunings, twigs and small branches (no larger than the width of your wrist), old or used compost, pet bedding – rabbit and rodent only.

Please do not use the sacks for:

  • Japanese knotweed or garden waste with signs of ash dieback disease
  • large logs, tree stumps or treated wood from sheds, fences etc.
  • cardboard or paper – use your weekly recycling collection
  • food, fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, tea bags etc. – use your weekly food recycling collection
  • pet waste (other than rodent or rabbit bedding), including bird/poultry, dog or cat waste or cat litter
  • soil – you can take a limited amount to the Sort It recycling centres free of charge.
  • rubble or hardcore – you can take a limited amount to the Sort It recycling centres free of charge.
  • Waste produced by a business or any commercial activity

There are no concessions available for the garden waste sack service.

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