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Dos and don’ts at Sort It centres


Do Don’t
Register your vehicle  before using the sites Use the sites with an unregistered vehicle or if you are not a South Gloucestershire resident
Be prepared to confirm your address and identity with a utility bill, driving licence etc. Bring any commercial/business waste to any of the sites
Check opening hours and what can be accepted at the sites before you visit Bring more restricted waste than allowed
Keep young children and pets inside your vehicle Remove anything from the bins or containers
Sort your waste and put items into the correct containers Block walkways or leave waste on the floor
Be prepared to open any bags of waste and remove recyclable items Use trailers of more than two metres long
Keep to the speed limit Take a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes to any of the sites
Wear suitable clothing and footwear Take a vehicle over 1.8m or trailer to the Little Stoke site
Turn off engines while unloading Smoke on the sites
Reverse into parking spaces (except at Little Stoke)
Report any hazardous waste to a member of staff
Be courteous to other users and our site staff
Ask a member of staff for help or advice

We will take enforcement action if you:

  • deposit any commercial/business waste
  • are using the site in an unregistered vehicle or are not a South Gloucestershire resident
  • dispose of restricted materials above the limits that are in place
  • verbally or physically abuse a member of staff or the public
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