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Home composting

Compost bins for sale

If you want to have a go at home composting, why not come to one of our compost bin sales. We are selling compost bins at the discounted price of £6.00 each. The sales are taking place on the following dates:

No dates – we will update the site when events are confirmed

Compost bins are 220 litres.

Composting at home can help the environment, improve the quality of soil in your garden and save space in your bins.

What to put in your compost bin

To make a good, nutritious compost it’s important to put in a good mix of ‘greens’ and ‘browns’.

A mix of green and brown foodstuffs

  • ‘Greens’ break down quickly and add moisture to the compost. They include things like fruit and vegetable peelings, grass cuttings, plant leaves, cut flowers
  • ‘Browns’ break down more slowly and add carbon and fibre to the mix. They also form air pockets, allowing air flow which helps everything to compost. ‘Browns’ include dry leaves, prunings, twigs, cardboard, shredded paper, rodent or rabbit bedding

What to avoid in your compost bin

Avoid meat, fish, bread, cooked food, diseased plants and droppings from meat-eating animals like dogs and cats.

The process

Composting is a natural process where microbes, worms, flies, beetles and other insects turn materials into a soil-like substance. It normally takes three to 12 months to produce compost, depending on the temperature and contents of the bin.

Someone removing compost from the bin

How to use your compost

There are many uses for your home made compost

  • spread it around the base of plants and trees as a plant food
  • dig it into flower beds and borders
  • spread it over soil as a mulch
  • replenish potted plants by replacing the top few centimetres of soil with fresh compost
  • make your own potting mixture by mixing a third compost with normal soil
  • feed your lawn by dressing it with compost

Find out more about composting at Recycle Now – Home Composting

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