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Green bin garden waste collection service – Terms and conditions

We provide an opt-in chargeable collection service for household garden waste, referred to as ‘the service’ on this page. Throughout these terms and conditions, ‘you’ refers to the householder and ‘we’ refers to South Gloucestershire Council.

By paying for the service you accept the terms and conditions below.

Service description

  • You have agreed to pay South Gloucestershire Council to collect your garden waste.
  • The period of service for emptying the green bins runs for one year from the date of your subscription.
  • The service is available to all households in South Gloucestershire except where collections are not able to be carried out, in which case we may offer an alternative arrangement if possible.
  • We empty the green bin every two weeks (except when other factors stop us, such as very bad weather).
  • If we miss your green bin(s) please let us know within 5 working days and we will return as soon as possible.

Green bins

  • The cost of the service is £30 per year per green bin to be emptied. This charge covers the emptying of the green bin only.
  • We provide a 240 litre wheeled green bin. If smaller bin is presented for collection, no refund or reduction in charge is given.
  • Green bins are provided free of charge. If you need a green bin or you wish to have additional bins emptied, let us know when you subscribe. The bin will be delivered within 10 working days after your subscription is complete.
  • If you wish to have more than one green bin, you will need to add a subscription to your property for each bin and pay £30 per bin for them to be emptied.
  • All green bin(s) remain the property of the council. We will replace them should they be lost, stolen or damaged as long as you have paid the subscription, unless this is due to the carelessness of the resident(s).

Cancellation and refunds

  • You must contact us using the online form, phoning the contact centre or visiting a One Stop Shop if you wish to cancel the service.
  • We will not give a refund for a cancellation of the service, if you move out of South Gloucestershire or stop using the service for any reason.
  • If you pay by annual direct debit you are responsible for contacting your bank to cancel the mandate. We no longer accept new direct debit forms as a way of paying for your garden waste subscription. If you already have a direct debit set up, this will continue until you no longer wish to subscribe to the service.
  • If we have evidence of misuse of the service or the bins we will tell you and, if misuse persists, then the service may be cancelled. No refund will be given in these circumstances.
  • We will not give a refund or compensation for a missed bin(s) when we are unable to collect due to other factors such as severe weather.
  • We cannot offer refunds if you move out of South Gloucestershire. If you move home within South Gloucestershire we can transfer the service to your new address.
  • Following the death of a relative we will refund the remaining duration of the subscription


  • Renewing your subscription each year is your responsibility. We send out renewal reminders a month before your subscription expires. However, as we cannot guarantee that you will receive the reminder, you should make a note of the date so you know when to renew. We cannot offer any compensation if you do not renew the subscription before the expiry date.

Direct debit payments

We no longer accept new direct debit forms as a way of paying for your garden waste subscription. If you have a direct debit set up to pay for the service then we will continue to take payment from your bank each year in accordance with the notification notice we send you.

  • For existing direct debits
    • If the cost of the service is amended we will send you a new notification notice at least 10 working days before taking payment.
    • Service renewal will be automatic and for a further period of 12 months. If you wish to cancel or amend the service then you must tell us at least 15 working days before the next direct debit payment date.

Other payment methods

  • If you have paid by debit/credit card you must pay the annual charge at least 10 working days before the end of the current service year for the service to continue without interruption.
  • If you have paid by cheque you must pay the annual charge at least 15 working days before the end of the current service year for the service to continue without interruption.
  • We cannot accept cash as payment for this service.

Failure to pay the full annual charge for the service will automatically result in the service ending without notice.

Moving house

You may transfer the service to a new address within South Gloucestershire at no additional cost. You must tell us by using the on-line form, phoning the contact centre or visiting a One Stop Shop once you have moved.

We will transfer the service from your old address within 10 working days.

Collection arrangements

  • Once you have subscribed to the garden waste service it may take up to five working days to register your details with our collection crews
  • Garden waste must be placed in approved green bins
  • The green bin(s) will be emptied every two weeks on a specified day. We reserve the right to alter the collection day and we will publish any changes as soon as we can. Christmas and New Year collections will vary due to bank holidays and we will tell you the revised dates well in advance. Other bank holidays are worked as normal days.
  • Your bin(s) must be presented at your usual collection point by 7am on your collection day.
  • Please mark your green bin with the number or name of your property to help the collection crew identify your bin.
  • After collection, your green bin(s) will be returned to the collection point. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bin(s) are taken back to their normal storage position on your property.
  • An assisted collection service for the bins is available if you are physically unable to manage the garden waste bin and no other arrangement can be made. If this service is already in place for your black bin, it will automatically be arranged for your garden waste bin.

Acceptable waste and overweight bins

Only household garden waste may be placed in the bin. This may include grass cuttings, leaves, weeds, hedge trimmings, plant prunings, twigs and small branches (no larger than the width of your wrist), old or used compost, pet bedding – rabbit and rodent only.

The bin lifts on our vehicles have a weight limit and we cannot empty your bin if it is too heavy. If this occurs, our crews will leave information on your bin to let you know.

Please do not use the green bin for:

  • Japanese knotweed or garden waste with signs of ash dieback disease
  • large logs, tree stumps or treated wood from sheds, fences etc.
  • cardboard or paper – use your weekly recycling collection
  • food, fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, tea bags etc. – use your weekly food recycling collection
  • pet waste (other than rodent or rabbit bedding), including bird/poultry, dog or cat waste or cat litter
  • soil – you can take a limited amount to the Sort It recycling centres free of charge.
  • rubble or hardcore – you can take a limited amount to the Sort It recycling centres free of charge.
  • waste produced by a business or any commercial activity

Make sure your bin is emptied:

  • Do not put your garden waste into sacks or bags. It must be loose inside the bin.
  • Bins that are overflowing or overweight will not be emptied. If the bin is too full or overweight it is your responsibility to remove item(s) before the next collection.
  • The bin lid must be closed when presented for collection.
  • No extra material will be collected unless it is in the authorised sacks.
  • Bins that do not meet with the requirements above will not be emptied.

Contaminated bins

  • If the bin is contaminated (this means it contains non compostable material such as plastic bags, food waste or cardboard) it is your responsibility to remove these item(s) before the next collection. We will not return to empty bins that have been incorrectly presented and it is your responsibility to correct any problems before your next collection
  • If we cannot empty your bin because the material is jammed in, frozen, or otherwise stuck in the bin, the bin will not be emptied. It is your responsibility to ensure the material is freed before the next collection

Bin misuse

  • We cannot accept liability for bins used for any purpose other than for the collection of garden waste
  • Customers use the green bins at their own risk

Variation of terms

We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions and to amend the annual cost of the service.

Statutory rights and right to cancel

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Unforeseen circumstances or force majeure

We shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of our obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside our reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock-outs, accidents, war, fire, extreme weather conditions or breakdown of plant or machinery.

Data protection

We will only use the personal details you have provided for this service to contact you by letter, telephone, text messages, or email for matters related to the garden waste service and to inform you of any similar service provided by the council that may be of interest to you.

We will not send you emails about other council services without your permission or share this information with any other organisations unless required to do so in order to provide the service or as permitted by law.

You may tell us at any time if you don’t want to receive marketing communications from us by writing to us providing your full name, address and garden waste reference number.

We will also use your information for analysis purposes in order to improve our service. This will be anonymised prior to any disclosure, e.g. under the Freedom of Information Act with regard to service take-up volumes.

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