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Our council tax (01454 868003) and benefits (01454 868002) telephone lines are currently unavailable. Please call 01454 868009 instead and you will be redirected to the correct service area. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will let you know once this has been resolved.

Check your collection date and subscription details

Enter your postcode below to view the dates of your next collection and details of green bin subscriptions. Subscribed green bins are emptied on the same day as the black bin.

If you live in a flat and use communal recycling bins, your collection dates may not show up. Please contact us for information about your collections.

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Garden waste subscriptions

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 Extra waste and recycling

Most of your household waste can be recycled. If you are struggling with your household waste:

  • Check what can be recycled from home.
  • Sort your recycling in the containers so our crews can collect it easily. Mix plastics, cans, aerosols and foil together – they will be separated later
  • Save space and keep recycling tidy between collections by flattening and cutting up large pieces of card and squashing plastics and cans
  • Line your food bin with a plastic bag, compostable bag or newspaper to help keep it clean
  • Remove all polystyrene packaging and put it in the black bin or take it to the Sort It recycling centre if you have a large quantity
  • Put extra recycling out in bags, just make sure glass bottles and jars are in a green box
  • Avoid extra food waste by planning your meals and using up leftovers
  • Reduce waste by choosing products with less packaging or 100% recyclable packaging.
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