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Register for the Sort It centres

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Anyone who wants to use the Sort It recycling centres must be a resident of South Gloucestershire and register their vehicle.

What vehicles can I register?

There are two types of registration, standard and restricted. If you are not sure which types you need to use for your vehicle, check the table at the bottom of the page.

Standard vehicle registration – choose ‘Private car’ on the registration form.

  • vehicles of any size (up to 3.5 tonnes) designed for domestic use that have rear and/or side facing windows including cars of any size, campervans, people carriers etc.
  • there is no limit to the number of visits you can make with this vehicle to dispose of household waste

Restricted vehicle registration – choose ‘Private van’ on the registration form

  • vehicles of any size without rear side windows including minibuses, campervans and cars
  • 4×4s, pick up trucks or people carriers (MPV) without rear seats and/or windows or with an open back
  • flat bed vehicles, box vans, horse boxes with integrated cab and agricultural vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

If your only household vehicle is used for a business or commercial activity, choose ‘Commercial van’ on the registration form.

You can register:

  • up to two standard vehicles (unlimited visits) OR
  • one standard (unlimited visits) and/or one privately owned restricted vehicle (limited to 12 visits per year) OR
  • one commercial vehicle if it is your households only vehicle (limited to 12 visits per year). You will need written permission from the business owner to register a commercial vehicle.

Removing or changing vehicle details

You can make changes to the vehicles registered to your address or remove them at any time.

To completely remove a vehicle registration, simply choose the de-register option on the webform once you have entered your details.

To change a vehicle choose the ‘register’ option and enter the details of both of the vehicles you want registered to your address, even if one is already registered.


  • the sites are for the use of South Gloucestershire residents disposing of household waste only. Anyone attempting to dispose of commercial waste will be turned away whether they are a registered user or not.
  • you may need to provide a copy of your V5C certificate if you have registered a restricted vehicle.
  • you only need to register once to use any of the sites unless you change your vehicle or address.
  • make sure your vehicle is registered at least 24 hours before you plan to use a site.
  • there are restrictions on some types of waste that can be accepted at the Sort It recycling centres.
  • the Little Stoke Sort It recycling centre has a 1.8m height restriction and trailers are not allowed at any time.
  • check what can be accepted at a site before you visit.
  • your visit may be recorded to help us improve our service and protect our staff and customers.
  • bring proof of address and photo identification with you to site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle type Allowed on site? Restricted vehicle (limited to 12 visits)?
Car, estate car, people carrier (MPV), campervan, minibus (up to 9 seats) with rear and/or side windows Yes No
Car, estate car, campervan, people carrier (MPV) without rear and/or side windows Yes Yes
4×4, pick up truck – with rear seats and side and/or rear windows Yes No
4×4, pick up truck – without rear seats and/or rear windows or with an open back Yes Yes
Vans up to and including 3.5 tonnes without rear and/or side windows and without rear seats Yes




Vehicle registered to a business that is resident’s only vehicle (with written permission from business) Yes Yes
Box van up to 3.5 tonnes Yes Yes
Agricultural vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes Yes Yes
Trailer up to 2m in length (excluding tow hook) Yes (except Little Stoke) No
Trailer over 2m in length No NA
Horse box with integrated cab up to 3.5 tonnes Yes Yes
Vehicle over 3.5 tonnes No NA
Any vehicle carrying waste from commercial or business activity No NA

Frequently Asked Questions

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