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Noise from raves

A rave is legally defined as:

“a gathering on land of 20 or more people at which amplified music is played during the night, which causes serious distress to the inhabitants of the locality by reason of its loudness, duration and the time at which the music is played.”

There is an agreed protocol between Avon and Somerset Police and the council about how we will jointly respond to dealing with raves.

The first stage response is by the Police using their powers to end gatherings.

Any information or intelligence prior to a potential event (e.g. signs of a site being prepared for a gathering, equipment being brought onto site etc.) should be referred to the police via 101 as soon as possible. It can be difficult and often dangerous to close down raves once they are taking place and any action that can be taken to prevent them from starting is preferred.

The Police would lead any action to close a rave, turn off music and disperse the crowd using powers which are not available to the council. It is difficult and often dangerous to close down raves once these are taking place.

Our Environmental Health Team will provide a response if requested by the Police.

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