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Noise from railways

There is often a limit to what we can do to deal with night-time noise made by essential maintenance and repairs.

We suggest you speak first to Network Rail’s customer relations department. If workers arriving, leaving or using the site are making too much noise, it is a good idea to make a note of useful details such as, vehicle registration numbers, company names on reflective jackets. They can use this information to identify those workers who are causing the problem.

If you still have problems, we will be happy to discuss the matter informally with Network Rail and offer advice on reducing the disturbance where possible.

If an informal approach fails, we can seek advice from our legal team. However, legal action is likely to fail unless we can prove that the railway operator has not been diligent in carrying out appropriate maintenance and has not used the best practicable means to reduce noise or vibration.

Noise complaint form

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