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Noise from fireworks

If you want to set off fireworks, there are a number of restrictions you must comply with.

These are stated in the Fireworks Regulations of 2004 (as amended).

Among the regulations are the following:

  • under 18s may not possess adult fireworks in a public place
  • suppliers cannot sell category three fireworks with sound levels exceeding 120 decibels
  • you may not use adult fireworks during the night (11pm to 7am) except on certain dates (see below)

Special occasions

You can set off fireworks later on certain special occasions:

  • Chinese New Year – the ban on using fireworks is between 1am and 7am
  • Guy Fawkes’ Night  (5 November) – the ban is between midnight and 7am
  • Diwali – the ban is between 1am and 7am
  • New Year’s Eve – the ban is between 1am and 7am


South Gloucestershire Trading Standards is responsible for enforcing regulation 8 – the ban on excessively loud category three fireworks.

The police are responsible for enforcing the following regulations:

  • Regulation 4 – the ban on under-18s possessing fireworks in public places
  • Regulation 5 – the ban on possessing a category four firework unless you are a fireworks professional
  • Regulation 7 – the ban on the use of certain fireworks during night hours
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