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Noise from aircraft

If you have a complaint about aircraft noise, please contact the relevant organisation. The council does not have powers to deal directly with noise caused by aircraft.

Filton airfield

If your complaint concerns Filton airfield, please contact British Aerospace (BAe) on 0117 9366253. This number is staffed during normal working hours.

BAe will log all complaints, but you can also notify the council about your complaint during office hours. An environmental services representative sits on the Filton Airfield Liaison Group.

If your complaint concerns noise and fumes from ground testing, please check that the source is Filton airfield and not the Rolls Royce test beds nearby.

Generally, we do not have the powers to deal with problems from aircraft. However, the airfield liaison group has been advised that it can contact the on-call environmental services officer in very exceptional circumstances.

Low-flying military aircraft

If you have a problem with repeated low-flying military aircraft, please contact the RAF directly on 01895 445566. Please also notify the council of your complaint during office hours.

Other aircraft

For all other aircraft from RAF Colerne and Lyneham or leisure flights (possibly from small airstrips at Oldbury and Wickwar), you should contact us during working hours. Please try to give us details such as the type of aircraft and its markings or number.

Further information

For more information on aircraft noise, you can contact either the Civil Aviation Authority or the Ministry of Defence.

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