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Noise complaints - out of hours

We do not respond to noise complaints out of hours, unless we are asked by the police to attend a major event such as a rave. We will respond the next working day to any other complaints.

We can arrange out-of-hours visits to deal with regular occurrences of noise. You need to contact us in advance to arrange this. We do not offer an out-of-hours service for one-off events.

If the noise if coming from your neighbour’s house – for instance a party, we advise you to ask your neighbour politely to reduce the noise. This kind of personal contact between neighbours is the simplest and most effective way to limit the effects of noise.

If the noise is coming from a building site, please look on the site notice board. There will often be a number for a site representative who you can contact.

In the case of burglar and car alarms, it has been known for people to take the law into their own hands. We advise you strongly against this.

Noise complaint form

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