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Installing outdoor lighting

Things to consider whilst installing outdoor lighting.​

If you are installing outdoor lighting, please consider:

  • whether the lighting is really necessary
  • whether the light will affect others; consider the direction of the beam and prevent ‘light spill’ onto neighbouring properties
  • whether the lights need to be on all the time
  • whether security could be better achieved in another way
  • whether where sensors are used to trigger lights, they can be set to avoid accidental triggering
  • whether the proposed lighting is too powerful for the intended use
  • whether the light is directed downwards

You may have good reasons to install exterior lighting on your property, but a good neighbour will always take steps to prevent it from becoming a nuisance. Consider your actions carefully to make sure you keep on friendly terms with your neighbours. It is normally possible to set up lights without them upsetting other people.
If you are designing a lighting system, the planning department may be able to advise you on how to avoid causing light pollution. ​


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