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Urban design

Urban Design covers the appearance, function and relationship of buildings, streets, squares, parks and other spaces which make up the public domain. South Gloucestershire Council is committed to the promotion of high quality design.

These are the key planning policies and guidance developers should be aware of and refer to when submitting planning applications in South Gloucestershire:

Planning policy context

National Planning Policy Statement 1: Delivering Sustainable Development, sets out the governments commitment to high quality design.

South Gloucestershire Local Plan (2006) Policy D1 – Achieving Good Quality Design in New Development, is the key policy that design is assessed against currently.

South Gloucestershire Core Strategy Policy CS1 – High Quality Design, should also be taken account of. The Core Strategy also sets out area based Visions and Strategic Objectives that new development should assist achieve.

Design & access statements

The majority of planning applications should be accompanied by a Design & Access Statement. The following guidance contains information on what a D&A Statement should contain and those types of developments where a design & access statement is not required.

The Government also requires that councils monitor the quality of residential development against Building for Life criteria. The Council therefore requests that D&A statements for residential development clearly respond to the BfL 20 questions.

Building for life

Building for Life is a nationally recognised design assessment tool for new dwellings, promoted by CABE and the HBF.

Supplementary Planning Documents

The Council has also adopted a range of supplementary planning guidance notes which should be taken into account depending upon the location and type of development.

The key documents with relation to design that account should be taken of as appropriate, are:

The following documents are also in production:

 Area based guidance

 Conservation areas

All the Conservation Areas also have descriptions and in some instance management plans. These provide material that is useful in contextual appraisals of prospective development schemes.

Play policy and strategy

Encouraging activity through play is an important objective of the South Gloucestershire’s Sustainable Communities Strategy. Play opportunities should be incorporated where-ever possible into new development schemes. You can view our policy on play.

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