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Town centres engagement

The June 2016 Proposed Submission Policies, Sites and Places Plan (PSP Plan) includes planning policies for South Gloucestershire’s town centres. Specifically, Policy PSP31 – Town Centre Uses directs strategic retail growth to individual centres, proposes town centre and primary shopping area boundaries, while PSP33 – Shopping Frontages sets out a policy approach to shopping frontages. A new policy PSP 32 – Local Centres and Facilities covers local centres and parades.

The policies and proposals are based on a clear understanding of the issues and opportunities affecting individual town centres. To enable this retail studies and capacity assessments have been undertaken. The retail studies undertaken to inform/monitor both the Core Strategy and PSP Plan are supporting documents, available to view.

A set of town centre profiles have also been prepared and were the subject of public consultation in late 2013 and again in summer 2014. The profiles were updated as a result of this consultation and continuing engagement. The profiles were released again as part of the summer 2015 PSP Plan consultation. The 2015 town centre profiles below now form part of the evidence base for the PSP plan. It is not proposed to update them further.

The town centre profiles have contributed to the evolution of the retail policies, strategy for growth in the centres and centre summaries in appendix 3 of the 2016 PSP Plan, which provide supporting detail for proposals in each town centre.

A June 2016 centres update note provided below, sets out how the 2016 Proposed Submission PSP Plan’s retail policies have evolved since publication and conclusions in the 2015 town centre profiles, and also conclusions set out in the supporting retail document, the 2014 DPDS Retail Study.

2015 profiles for existing/new town and district centres

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