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Commenting on planning applications

Please take time to read the useful advice and important information below regarding commenting on planning applications.

You can view and comment on planning applications on-line. To make a comment on an application, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter an application number or address details to locate the application you are interested in. The details and documents associated with the application will be displayed
  2. Select the ‘Comment on the Planning Application’ link, which will provide you with a form to complete
  3. Complete the form, making sure that you include your name and address. This will enable us to notify you of the outcome in writing once a decision is reached

It is important to note that we do not accept third party comments sent via email to individual officers, councillors or generic email boxes as this does not form part of the formal response process. If you submit a comment in this way there is a risk that your response will be missed.

You can access our site at any South Gloucestershire library or if you prefer you can view a planning applications at one of our One Stop Shops, where a customer care officer will be happy to help. As the One Stop Shop receptions do not hold paper copies, application details will be viewed via our website. Alternatively, free internet is provided at all of our libraries.
You should be aware that the law states that any comments made (together with personal details) about a current planning application must be publicly available. Comments will be published on our Public Access system during the determination of the application. Under normal circumstances comments made in association with new planning applications will be available to view online within five working days of receipt of the comment. Your comments will be taken into account during the determination of the application, but please be aware that due to the number of letters received, the Council is unable to enter into a dialogue or provide individual responses to respondents. Following the determination or withdrawal of a planning application, and in accordance with data protection legislation, all neighbour comments made in relation to the application will be removed from the Public Access system. If you are making a comment in relation to a “householder application”, in the event of an appeal against refusal of planning permission, any representations made about the application will be sent to the Secretary of State. There may be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage.
Ideally comments should be made within 21 days of the date that the planning application was registered by the council. It is in your best interests to submit your views as soon as possible so they can be taken into consideration as part of the normal determination process. However comments can be made right up until the point that the decision is made by the council. Please contact the case officer handling the application for further advice when considering whether to submit comments later than the usual 21 day period. Where re-consultation takes place on a proposal, the timescale to respond is likely to be less than 21 days. Additionally the consultation period for some schemes may vary according to the relevant Regulations in place and can include proposals that fall under the prior notification and approval process and from 1 June 2018, Permission in Principle submissions. Details of the up-to-date consultation expiry for each record will be published on the Pubic Access system.
We will send an instant email acknowledgement of your details when we have received a representation on a planning application through Public Access. Using the facility will also ensure that your personal data (email and contact details) will automatically be removed from the information that is published on the website. It also provides greater certainty that the planning case officer will receive and be aware of your comments as they are inserted directly into the electronic planning application file. By registering once, you will not need to re-enter or repeat standard personal information when making further or other comments. If you receive an acknowledgement you should ensure that you were the originator of the communication; and if this is not the case please contact the Local Planning Authority immediately so that we can investigate the authenticity of the communication received. Other benefits and services available through the Public Access system can be found in the “how to use our searching and commenting service
Please note that any statement which is offensive, abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene, threatening, racist or in breach of any other rights will not be published. Any statement that is not relevant to an application or is submitted anonymously will also not be published.
Some applications may be referred to the planning committees. You can attend and speak at committee for or against an application – advice on speaking at a committee is available here.
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