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NSIP fees and charges

In order to ensure that an efficient and project managed approach is taken to Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) and to ensure that the council has the appropriate resources in place for these large projects, we seek to ensure that a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) is in place at the outset of any pre-application engagement with the project promoter.

The PPA will set out the working arrangements of the parties and ensures an efficient and project managed approach to the work required. It also ensures that resources are provided by the project promoter to cover for the additional work that is needed to be carried out by us in assessing and advising on matters such as the design and development of the project proposals.

The signing of a PPA does not in any way bind us, our councillors or officers to any future decisions or recommendations, and the documents include specific commitments that we will at all times act independently and impartially, and in accordance with our statutory duties.

Following an initial non rechargeable introductory meeting, the fees and charges for advice and input in respect of NSIPs will be in accordance with the Environment and Community Services report: Fees and Charges 2018/19

The provision of pre-application, post submission or post consent advice and services for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects will be charged as either:

  • set out in a Planning Performance Agreement, or
  • at standard hourly rates for officer time, or
  • or as set out in consented NSIP documentation
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