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Submitting development proposal details

Planning applications should be supported by:

  • a written description of the proposed development
  • plans and elevations of the proposals
  • evidence that the landowner has been notified of the proposed development
  • details of alternative sites considered, including site sharing
  • information about the purpose and need for the development
  • where the proposed development is near a school or college, evidence that the relevant body of the school or college has been consulted
  • an emissions profile for the proposed equipment
  • a statement that the proposed development, when operational, would meet the ICNIRP guidelines
  • the appropriate fee

Permitted development

There is no statutory planning requirement to provide information to us for development permitted under the GDPO, however the developer is obliged under Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code (Conditions and Restrictions) Regulations 2003 to notify the local planning authority in writing of the intention to install telecommunications apparatus. This is also reflected in the Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development which suggests that operators should notify the local authority of the installation of telecoms equipment.

Prior Notification requirements are:

  •  a written description of the proposed development
  •  a plan showing the proposed location
  •  evidence that the developers notice has been served (notice served on owners of intention to develop a site)
  •  the appropriate fee
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