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Key factors in siting and design

​A summary of the key factors in siting and design.

PPG8 suggests that the following factors that concern the siting of a proposal may involve:

  • the site when viewed from the surrounding area
  • relationship to residential property
  • the height of the site in relation to surrounding land
  • the site in relation to areas designated for their scenic or conservation value
  • the effect on the skyline or horizon
  • the site in relation to existing masts, structures or buildings
  • the existence of landscape features and natural vegetation
  • any other relevant considerations

PPG8 states that, in terms of design/appearance of telecoms equipment, factors to be considered would include materials, colour and design. Dimensions, overall shape of the mast or apparatus and the appropriateness of a particular design or availability of alternative designs at a given location are features of design that may wish to be considered. In considering the siting and appearance of a mast together with its associated development, the scope for landscaping and screening to reduce the impact of the development on its surroundings will be an important consideration.

We will respond positively to any request for pre-application discussions with operators and will encourage applicants to adopt the relevant requirements of the Development Code of Practice.

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