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Annual roll-out plans

Every autumn the five commercial mobile telephone operators provide the local planning authority (LPA) with information to show their plans for mobile network development in the area in the coming year.

Depending upon the scale and nature of the operators plans for the year we will hold roll-out meetings with the operators to ensure good co-ordination between these plans and our policies and other requirements.

This information is made available on our website in order that communities and their elected members can be involved with discussions regarding siting and design of equipment with operators prior to the submission of applications to the LPA.

It should be noted that the information provided by the operators indicates areas of search for new sites, and not specific locations, and thus offer the opportunity for influencing the precise siting of equipment at an early stage in the site identification process. Currently this information is available as a spreadsheet of each operators list of sites. The lists include existing sites, those with planning permission and any proposed sites. This information can be found in the downloads section of this page.

The grid reference given in the spreadsheet are the centre points of proposed areas of search and not precise sites subject of specific applications to the LPA at this stage. Mobile operators are not bound to bring forward proposals for these areas of search during the coming year and nor does the identification of these areas prevent other sites being identified. Furthermore the identification of an area of search does not in anyway prejudice the consideration of any planning application or application for prior approval that may be required.

For further details regarding each search area, the operators concerned should be contacted directly, and their details are:


Peter Foster, Central Acquisition and Planning Manager


Gemma Bridges, Community Liaison Officer


Brian Truman, National Planning Manager


John Carwardine, Community Affairs Manager


William Comery, Community Affairs Manager (Southern UK)

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