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Locally listed buildings

Throughout South Gloucestershire there are buildings and structures which, while not statutory listed buildings, are of good quality design and appearance or have historical significance, or are important features in their own right and which also make a significant contribution to the character and appearance of the locality.

To recognize the valuable contribution these buildings make to the character of South Gloucestershire, the council has created a list of locally important buildings and has included policies in the Policies, Sites and Places DPD Plan to protect them. A Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has also been published which provides guidance to owners and occupiers of buildings on the ‘Local List’. It also explains why the Local List has been created, the criteria for including buildings, and the effects of inclusion on the Local List.

Whilst local listing provides no additional planning controls, the fact that a building or site is on a local list means that its conservation as a heritage asset is an objective of the National Planning Policy Framework and a material consideration when determining the outcome of a planning application.

Additions to the Local List

Anyone can put forward a building for inclusion in the Local List. You will need to provide details of the address and location, along with a description and photograph of your suggested building or structure. You should also identify which of the ten local list criteria in the adopted SPD are met. Nominations will be carefully considered against our adoption criteria, and will be subject to the same independent validation process as those on the current list. Owners may challenge listings by demonstrating that their building or structure does not meet any of the ten criteria listed.

Nominations can be emailed to and will be considered and assessed periodically.

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