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Testing private water supplies

The Private Water Supplies Regulations are concerned with the wholesomeness of water and South Gloucestershire Council is required to sample and analyse the water.

Classification of supplies

Commercial and Large Supplies (More than 50 people)

A risk assessment must be completed every 5 years and sampling at least once per year (frequency will relate to the volume of water used).

Small Supplies (Less than 50 people and more than one property)

A risk assessment must be completed every 5 years and sampling dependent on the risk assessment.

Single private dwellings

Risk assessment and sampling only undertaken if requested by owner of the supply.

Risk assessments

A risk assessment will look at the source of the supply and surrounding area for signs of potential contamination. It may involve looking at storage tanks, treatment systems and pipework.


The sample will be taken from a tap used to supply water for drinking. The water will be analysed against both microbiological and chemical parameters set out in the Regulations.

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