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Private water supply charges

The Private Water Supplies (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 allow us to charge any relevant person (owner) responsible for a private water supply a fee up to a specified maximum for carrying out a risk assessment and for carrying out monitoring (sampling and analysis).

An overview of our charging arrangements are set out in the table below:

Service (activity) Maximum charge permitted (£)​ Our charge​ Comments
Risk assessment Hourly rate (1) x time (2)​ Minimum charge £60.60, simple risk assessment and report typically 5 hours               ​
Sampling​ £65.30​ Charge for a visit and to take a sample​
Investigation ​ Hourly rate (1) x time (2) + any analysis costs​ Carried out in the event of test failure​
Authorisation​ Hourly rate (1) x time (2)​ Application by the owner of a supply for permission to breach a standard temporarily whilst remedial work is carried out​
Under regulation 10 (domestic supplies)​ 25​ £25​ Where a supply provides <10m3 / day or <50 people and is used for domestic purposes​
Group A parameters (commercial supplies) £97.90 Group A monitoring is carried out to ensure that water complies with the standards. Where possible it should be carried out at the same time as any requirement for Group B monitoring, to keep cost down
Group B parameters (commercial supplies) £97.90 + cost of each additional parameter Additional parameters sampled less often to ensure the water complies with all safety standards.


(1) – Hourly rate = £60.60
(2) – Officer time

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