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Licensing – game dealing

If you buy and sell game you must have a game dealer’s licence and an excise licence.

The Regulatory Reform (Game) Order 2007 was introduced in August 2007. It amended the Game Act 1831 and repealed the Game Licences Act 1860. This means that;

  • it is no longer necessary to hold a game licence in order to take or kill game
  • it is no longer necessary to hold a ‘local’ licence (issued by South Gloucestershire Council) and an ‘excise’ licence (issued by the Post Office) in order to deal in game
  • there are no longer restrictions on dealing in game birds and venison during the close season, i.e. game may be sold by everyone all year round provided that the animal in question was lawfully killed

It is no longer necessary to keep records – as previously required under section 11 of the Deer Act 1991 – relating to the sale and purchase of venison. You will only have to keep records to the level specified in EC Regulation 178/2002 if you sell game birds or venison. This will allow your business to set up traceability records with a level of detail that fits the size and nature of your activities.

If you deal in game birds or venison, you should check your source before you either;

  • sell
  • offer or expose for sale
  • possess or transport for purposes of sale

This is because you could be committing an offence if you know or have reason to believe that the game bird or venison you offer for sale was unlawfully killed, taken or poached during the close season

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