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Food Safety Sampling

Enforcement Officers sample during food hygiene inspections, following complaints and as part of national studies. There are two types of sampling; Food Safety and Food Standards. Food Safety sampling involves submitting the food to Public Health England laboratory (PHE) who test for the amount and type of the bacteria on and in the food. The results show if the food is safe to eat and for how long it will remain safe if it is stored correctly.

Another aspect of food safety sampling is to look at the environment where the food is prepared and swab surfaces such as food preparation areas, food containers and utensils. Water supplies are also tested, particularly when the premises are not on mains water.

The other type of sampling looks at food standards. This involves looking at the composition of the food for example, the amount of fat in minced beef compared with what the label says.

If we sample from your premises we will let you have the results of the analysis whether it is satisfactory or needs further investigation.

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