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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

Food safety - hand washing unit

We have a ultra violet hand washing unit that enables you to check whether you and others are washing your hands properly.

The unit can be used with children of all ages, food handlers and health professionals as an aid to demonstrate the importance of hand washing. It comes with an information pack and the ‘Glitterbug’ lotion.

A special invisible ‘Glitterbug’ lotion is rubbed into the hands and represents the germs that can’t be seen until the hands are placed in the unit where they are highlighted by the UV light. The hands are then washed and placed back into the unit to show any areas that have been missed.

The hand washing unit can be borrowed free of charge for periods of one week. It can be collected from Yate, Bradley Stoke or Kingswood Library. Please call into or telephone an individual library if you would like to book the unit.

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