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Coronavirus (Covid-19): service updates, support and health advice.

Food premises cleaning

Premises that prepare or serve food must make sure that food, surfaces and equipment are clean and safe.

You must have an understanding of the following if your premises are to meet these requirements;

  • cleaning – the removal of food residues, dirt, grease and other undesirable debris. This requires physical work like scrubbing, heat and/or chemicals
  • disinfection – the reduction in levels of bacteria to a safe level. This is usually done by the use of special chemicals like sanitisers intended for food use or by heat (hot water around 82°C or steam)
  • detergent – a chemical used to remove food debris, dirt and grease for example, washing-up liquid
  • disinfectant (sanitiser) – a chemical used to reduce the numbers of bacteria to a safe level, for example Milton
  • final rinse
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