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Pollution out of hours service

If there is a major pollution incident please call the out-of-hours line immediately​

Out-of-hours pollution incidents: 01454 868009

If there is a major pollution incident, call the out-of-hours line immediately. They will contact the on-call environmental services officer for South Gloucestershire. Depending on the incident, you may need to call the emergency services too. Please try to give as much accurate information as possible – names, addresses, telephone contact numbers, and the exact location of the incident.


If any spill enters the surface water system (for example goes down a road gully), please contact the out-of-hours emergency number and the Environment Agency. If any spill enters private land and is likely to affect the occupier’s health, please call the out-of-hours emergency number. If the spill enters farming land, please contact the owner of the land and DEFRA during office hours.

Hazardous waste and materials

For accidents involving hazardous waste, contact the Environment Agency on 0845 9333111 during office hours, or their emergency line 0800 807060.

For accidents involving hazardous materials, contact the Health and Safety Executive on 0117 988 6000 during office hours, or 0151 922 9235 out of hours.

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