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Environmental health enforcement policy

The primary function of local government regulatory activity is to protect the public, the environment and groups such as consumers, residents and tenants, workers and businesses.  It is important however that these enforcement functions are carried out in an equitable, practical and consistent manner, and that those subject to regulation and those on whose behalf enforcement is carried out are aware of the council’s policy on enforcement.

We believe that carrying out our functions in a fair, consistent, independent and practical manner will help to promote a thriving local and national economy. We are committed to these objectives in our approach to enforcement action, which is intended to:

  • ensure that we enforce the law in a fair, equitable and consistent manner
  • assist businesses and others in meeting  legal obligations without unnecessary expense or time
  • focus on prevention rather than cure
  • take firm action against those who flout the law or act irresponsibly

The Environmental Health Enforcement Policy helps to promote efficient and effective approaches to regulatory inspection and enforcement, which improves regulatory outcomes without imposing unnecessary burdens on business and others subject to regulation. The policy has been developed to be consistent with our other enforcement policies and with due regard to the principles of good enforcement.

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