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Trees and building developments

Trees are covered under the planning process even if they are not in a conservation area or do not have a tree preservation order (TPO).

If you are planning a development, even a small one such as building a conservatory, and there is a tree (or trees) within the development area, then you will need to include ways of incorporating these into the development without harming or destroying them.

The retention of existing healthy trees on a new development can greatly improve its appearance, giving instant maturity and enhancing property values. Retained trees can, however, be damaged during the construction process, but this may not be immediately apparent and they often die slowly, over several years.

If you are planning to develop then you should commission a tree survey from a recognised professional arboriculturalist and this must conform to current British Standard BS5837:2012 – Trees in Relation to Construction Regulations. This will provide an assessment of the species, health and amenity value of the trees, hedgerows and other significant vegetation.

We can impose planning conditions on development affecting trees in order to protect and manage trees during the construction process.

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