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How to notify us of building control work

You can notify of your intention to carry out building work with full plans or a building notice application.

Full plans application

A full plan application contains plans and other information showing all construction details.

Charges for full plans applications are split into two parts, the ‘plan check’ part of the fee must be submitted with the application. Any subsequent on site inspections will be invoiced when works start on site.

Building notice

The building notice can be used for minor works, for example minor internal alterations to a domestic property or replacement windows in a domestic property. A building notice cannot be used for works to for commercial premises/work places such as a shop, office, hotel, boarding house, workplace, certain types of factory or if a public sewer is within three metres of the property.

A building notice allows you to carry out works without the need to prepare full plans. However it is very important that you and your builder discuss exactly what you are doing with the Building Control surveyor before you start work and throughout the project.

Application forms are available to download. Charges for building notices include the total of the ‘plan’ and the ‘inspection’ fee. They are payable when the building notice is submitted.

The total fee payable for both a full plans application and a building notice is the same.

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