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Building regulations - approval requirements

If you wish to erect a new building, extend, alter or change the use of an existing building or provide fittings such as drains, sanitary facilities or heat-producing appliances building regulations will probably apply.

Building regulations may also apply to changes of use of an existing building even though you may not be carrying out any construction work. Some work is exempt from building regulations. Unless you are sure that you do not need approval, we advise that you contact us.

When approval is normally required

An application is usually required:

  • for house extensions. However, a porch or conservatory may be exempt under the building regulations. Please contact us to discuss your proposal
  • for a loft conversion
  • to convert a garage into a habitable room
  • for a car port.  If it has less than two open sides or is over 30 square metres in floor area
  • to underpin a building
  • to re-roof a house
  • for internal structural alterations to a house
  • to convert a house to flats
  • to install a toilet
  • to replace windows
  • for electrical works
  • for an attached garage or detached garage over 30m2
  • to renovate or replace a thermal element. A thermal element is defined as any external wall, floor or roof which separates a heated space from the outside. Examples include replastering or rendering substantial areas of wall, re-tiling or re-felting a roof or replacing a concrete floor

When approval is not normally required

Usually, approval is not needed:

  • car ports – if it has at least two open sides and is under 30 square metres in floor area
  • minor repairs; but please check as some repairs will require approval
  • building a garden wall; but please check as some works will require approval
  • detached garages; but please check as some works will require approval
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