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School concessionary travel scheme

We make transport arrangements for pupils who are entitled to travel assistance to school by law or under one of South Gloucestershire Council’s local policies. In cases where we hire vehicles there are sometimes spare seats not required by entitled pupils.  The council has agreed that these places should be made available for payment to other pupils wishing to travel to school on the same route.  This arrangement is known as the Concessionary Travel Scheme.

Conditions of the concessionary travel scheme

We are pleased to be able to make any spare seats available for concessionary travellers, but as the vehicles used for concessionary travel are primarily for entitled pupils it is necessary to impose the following conditions:

Availability of concessionary places

A concessionary place is available only if it is not required for an entitled passenger. For this reason we cannot guarantee a seat being available and you should not assume you will receive an offer of a seat for each academic year.  If we need the seat in the future for an entitled passenger or if the route is altered or ceases to run, the concessionary place will be withdrawn and this may be at very short notice.  This means that in these circumstances you would have to make your own transport arrangements.

Offer of concessionary places

Parents/carers should note that we can offer concessionary places only when we are certain that there are spare seats available after meeting the needs of entitled travellers. There are a great many individual routes and it takes some time at the beginning of the academic year to be certain of take up places by entitled travellers in relation to vehicle capacity.  It follows that it may be some weeks before we can offer concessionary places and possibly only towards the end of Term 1 in October.

While we will try to process applications for concessionary places as quickly as we can, priority is given to dealing with entitled passengers.

Parents/carers who may be hoping for a concessionary place are strongly advised to ensure that they have alternative arrangements in place before the start of the academic year, to anticipate that these may be needed for some weeks and that there is no guarantee, in the end, of a concessionary place being available.

Routes and pick up points

The route used by the vehicle is arranged for entitled passengers. Concessionary passengers must use the pick-up/drop off points already arranged and diversion of the route for concessionary passengers is not normally possible.


The charge for concessionary places is set by the Department for Children, Adults and Health and is normally reviewed annually to keep it in line with inflation. Each year the revised fees will be notified on the application form.  Concessionary places, when available, will be provided free of charge for pupils who are eligible for free school meals.


Concessionary places are extremely popular for some schools and are often over-subscribed. To ensure all applications for a place are dealt with in a fair and consistent way, where there is over-subscription places will be allocated by drawing lots.

Downloaded an application form here.

Additional information

  • application forms will be available from 1 August 2019 and should be submitted before 31 August 2019. At this time they will be held until the allocation and/or draw takes place in Term 1
  • an application should be made for each individual child, and only one application per child will be accepted
  • applications must be on the current year’s application form showing current fees. Applications made on previous years’ forms will not be accepted
  • any applications received after 31 August will be held separately until the allocation/draw has taken place and seats allocated. These applications will then be considered for any remaining seats
  • if a draw is required, it will be held at Badminton Road Council Offices at the earliest opportunity
  • if you wish to check the availability of a suitable route, please telephone the Integrated Transport Unit on 01454 868004. Places cannot be reserved over the telephone, but we will be pleased to give details of current routes, pick-up points etc.
  • if an application is approved and the charge is paid, a pass will be issued to you for the use of your child on the vehicle. No pupil travelling as a concessionary passenger will be allowed to travel unless in possession of the appropriate pass. Drivers will require the pass to be shown when boarding the vehicle
  • if an application is approved and no payment is received within two weeks of approval, the place will be reallocated.


Transport arrangements are made for the school year. Once an application has been accepted, a seat allocated and payment received, the Integrated Transport Unit will issue a renewal notice prior to the beginning of the January and April terms for the school year.

If you wish to apply for a concessionary place in future years you must re-apply. Application forms for annual renewal are not issued automatically.  You need to complete an application form as detailed above. Please note that allocation of a concessionary place in one year does not mean that a place will necessarily be offered in a subsequent year or years.

Unsuccessful applications

Unsuccessful applicants’ details will be held on a waiting list. Places will be allocated from this waiting list as and when seats become available, in accordance with the draw position. E.g. If four seats are available and your application is drawn 6th, you will be 2nd on the waiting list.

What happens if I have more than one child applying for places?

An application form is required for each child applying for a concessionary place. Each application will be treated on an individual basis and places allocated accordingly.  It may be possible therefore, that multi applications from one family may not necessarily all be successful.

What happens if I turn down a place and then wish to take it back up at a later date?

If there are further applications for this seat, the seat will be reallocated and your application will go to the bottom of the list. If there are no further applications for this seat it may be possible, on payment of the appropriate fee, to re-allocate the place to you.


Department for Children, Adults and Health
Admissions and Transport Team
PO Box 1955
BS37 0DE

Integrated Transport Unit Telephone: 01454 863925, 01454 863926 or 01454 863924

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