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Get ready for Brexit. Information on how we are preparing for Brexit in South Gloucestershire.

Healthier eating in schools

Tips on healthy eating and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

  • always eat breakfast – you’ll feel better, think better and set yourself up for the day
  • drink lots of water – at least 2 litres a day, more if it’s very hot or if you are exercising
  • have more starchy food – including pastas, bread and potatoes in your diet. Choose wholegrain cereals if you can since these foods release their energy slowly so keep you going longer
  • take less sugar – you don’t need to give up, just be sensible and cut down. Remember sugar is a ‘quick fix’ of ’empty calories’ and can cause tooth decay
  • take less salt – look for ‘no added salt’ on labels. Remove the salt pot from the table.

For more information about healthier eating in schools visit any of the following online resources:


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