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New primary and secondary school places for Lyde Green

We are committed to delivering new and additional primary and secondary school places for Lyde Green.

In July 2020 local residents were given the opportunity to have their say on the proposals for new primary and secondary school places for Lyde Green, ahead of the formal planning application consultation process.

You can read more about the consultation: Public Engagement for Lyde Green New School Provision

We are investing council capital funding to:

Expand Lyde Green Primary School with additional accommodation provided through a new building co-located with the new secondary school:

The Castle Schools Education Trust’s proposal to expand Lyde Green Primary School has been approved by the Regional Schools Commissioner. Additional places will be available from September 2022.

Develop a new secondary school (900 places) for children aged 11-16:

The secondary school is being developed in partnership with The Olympus Academy Trust and the Department for Education. It will be funded through the government’s Free School programme.

For details of the location, site plans, layout drawings and 3D images, you can download the design proposals document. Some final changes are being made to the design of the school –  further details of these will be made available in due course.

October 2022 update

The council continues its engagement with the Department for Education and partners in the pre-construction process. We share the community’s frustration, but remain committed to delivering the new primary and secondary schools to meet local demand for places. The process is designed to ensure that the final projects are well-designed and that they will deliver value for money.

As soon as we are able to provide an update and indicate a firm timeline to take these new school projects forward, we will provide further information.

July 2022 update

Discussions to finalise the funding arrangements and procurement processes for the new secondary school are continuing. We have not yet been able to finalise all the details, but we do anticipate construction of the new primary and secondary school to commence in 2023. Therefore, to provide surety to families who will be looking to apply for school places in the autumn for the following academic year, we must with regret defer the anticipated opening date for the new secondary school for Lyde Green until September 2024.

This also means that the construction of the new primary school, delivered as part of a single project with the secondary school, will also be delayed.

The council will continue to work with existing schools in the local area to ensure that there are sufficient places to meet demand both in the primary and secondary phases until the new buildings are available. This will include providing transport assistance when the nearest suitable school is not within walking distance of home.

We commit to updating the community on progress again no later than the end of September 2022.

Read the full update.

18 January 2022 update

We are updating all stakeholders to let them know that unfortunately, the planned opening of Lyde Green Secondary School will not be going ahead in September this year.

You can read the update to stakeholders for full details.

This letter has been sent to affected parents and carers who had previously named Lyde Green Secondary School as a preference for their child when applying for admission in September 2022. Those parent/carers are being given the opportunity to re-submit their secondary school preferences by Monday 24 January 2022.

These FAQs come with the letter to parents and carers.

We are continuing to work with the Regional Schools Commissioner’s Office and The Olympus Academy Trust to finalise the plans and funding arrangements to deliver Lyde Green Secondary School. Every effort is being made so that we can confirm the earliest completion and opening date for the permanent school site and we will update the community as soon as possible on our progress and potential interim arrangements from September 2023.

This webpage will be updated with project developments.

September 2021 update

Olympus Academy Trust are holding meetings for prospective parents/carers of children transferring to secondary school in September 2022 who may be interested in expressing a preference to attend Lyde Green Community Secondary School, on:

• Monday 27 September 2021 at 6.30pm at Lyde Green Primary School
• Tuesday 28 September 2021 at 6.30pm at Lyde Green Primary School

Visit the Olympus Academy Trust website for further details.

August 2021 update

The Olympus Academy Trust issued this update for Winterbourne Academy parents and carers on 25 August 2021

As part of the pre-opening phase, the council welcomes the plans to temporarily co-locate the Year 7 cohort on the Winterbourne Academy School site. This means that the new Lyde Green Secondary School will open for children in September 2022 and parents/carers will be able to express a preference for Lyde Green in their admission application for secondary transfer in September 2022.

The council and Olympus Academy Trust will hold information sessions for families interested in places and wanting to hear more detail. These will take place in a local venue towards the end of September. Full details of the dates, times and venue for the information sessions being arranged towards the end of September will be publicised on The Olympus Academy Trust website, our school admissions webpages and on this webpage.

Here is the council’s full statement supporting the update from The Olympus Academy Trust.

July 2021 update

The council is updating stakeholders about the current position on new school provision for the Lyde Green community.

There have been some changes to the plans that will go forward, which will delay the completion of the new buildings. Nonetheless, we are confident that we will be able to make sufficient provision of school places available for Year 7’s entering secondary school in September 2022. We are also assured that the changes will continue to deliver outstanding new facilities as well as value for money as we progress these exciting new school buildings to meet the needs of families in and around Lyde Green.

This update to stakeholders has the full details of the changes.

Details of community engagement events will be made available in the coming weeks to advise on the specific pre-opening arrangements. This will include details of open events and admissions arrangements for both The Castle Schools Education Trust and The Olympus Academy Trust, who will work together to ensure there are arrangements in place for the smooth and timely Year 6 transition.


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