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School partnership

We believe that education is one of the key drivers in increasing the social mobility and economic productivity of South Gloucestershire’s future adult population. In our mission to improve radically the life chances of our children we sought external scrutiny and expertise to build on our work to date and to inform our policies over the next five years.

On 1 May 2013, the Children and Young People Committee resolved “That an Education Commission be established to investigate the model of secondary and post-16 educational provision in South Gloucestershire and the achievement of children and young people in South Gloucestershire schools in order to inform future provision planning and school improvement approaches.”

An independent report from the Education Commission brought together the key findings and recommendations and in June 2014 the South Gloucestershire Education Partnership was formed to take these forward.

The South Gloucestershire Education Partnership is representative of all schools and other education and skills providers and has responsibility and accountability for the quality of education and learning outcomes for all children and young people in South Gloucestershire.

The partnership aims to support a sustainable self-improving education system in a shared, collaborative culture of educational excellence that recognises those in schools and other providers as equal, trusted partners. It intends to build on existing networks, relationships and local partnerships to ensure that no school is isolated.

The partnership will collectively support and challenge institutions to reach high standards and ensure continual improvement of all schools in South Gloucestershire.

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