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Child performances - chaperones

Chaperones (for children taking part in performances)

All children must be supervised when performing. This can be done by a registered chaperone or by the child’s own parent(s).

A chaperone must hold a valid chaperone’s license, issued by the local authority in which they live.

The chaperone’s role includes:

  • safeguarding the child’s welfare;
  • responsibility for the proper care and control of the child, including health, comfort, kind treatment and moral welfare;
  • supervision of the child when at the place of performance, except while they are in the charge of an approved tutor;
  • keeping a record of the times the child is on the set, i.e. rehearsals and performances;
  • ensuring the child has the right breaks for rest and meals. Also ensuring the child is provided with nutritional food and any special diets for whatever reason are adhered to;
  • making arrangements for the child to be escorted home, or medical attention given, in the event of illness;
  • in the event of any contravention of the licence, or incident affecting the well-being of the child, the chaperone must inform us at the earliest opportunity.

To apply for a chaperone licence, please contact the Senior Education Officer on 01454 863403. A number of checks will be completed to satisfy the Authority of the applicant’s suitability for the role. These will include the completion of an application form, a face-to-face interview, two satisfactory references and an Enhanced DBS check.

Approval to act as a chaperone will only be granted if the Authority is are fully satisfied that an applicant has demonstrated his or her suitability for the role. All chaperones will be offered child protection training.

The overall process usually takes 6-8 weeks, from the date of the interview, to complete.

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