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Learning and jobs (easy read)

Different jobs

These Easy Read guides are to help you when looking for a job.

They tell you

  • what help is available
  • how to apply for this help

These guides are from the British Association for Supported Employment website.

office discussion by computer

Supported employment is about helping people with a learning disability to

  • choose what jobs they want to do
  • get and keep a job
  • learn new skills

Read the easy read guide to supported employment.


Employment and support allowance is money for people who find it harder to get a job because

  • they have a disability
  • they have a problem with their health

They will have this problem for a long time or the rest of their lives.

Read the easy read guide to employment and support allowance.

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Access to work is help you can get from the government to do your job.

Find out what help you can get and how to apply for it in this guide.

Read the easy read guide on access to work.