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Problems paying your council tax

If you are have difficulty paying your council tax bill please contact us immediately. We may be able to help by rescheduling your payments or moving the payment date.

If you do not contact us or make payments it is possible that further recovery proceedings could be taken which will cost you more money.

It may help to make a list of all your income, include all the household salary or wages and any benefits. Then make a list of all your expenses. Your rent or mortgage is the most important bill followed by fuel and water. Council tax payments take priority over creditors or debts such as credit cards, catalogues and loans not secured on your home.

You should then be able to see how much you can afford to pay or if you need further assistance with your financial situation.  At this stage you may wish to seek independent financial help if you are still unsure on who to pay and what benefits you may be entitled to.

If you think that you have made an error whilst making a payment via the online payment system, please ring us on 01454 868003. We can check your council tax account to confirm the amount that has been received. If you have overpaid they can arrange for this to be refunded. Please allow 24 hours before ringing to give time for the payment to show on your council tax account.

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