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Local council tax reduction

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The local Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTR) uses a person’s income to decide how much discount to apply to their council tax liability.

  • all working age customers will pay some council tax, even if they had previously received the maximum 100% discount.
  • pension age customers will not be affected by these changes.

The amount of council tax reduction that a working age customer receives is based on the amount of income that they and any partner receive.

This will place the customer in an income band, and the band will determine the amount of CTR that a person is entitled to.

The table below shows the income bands and the maximum amount that council tax will be reduced by (percentage entitlement)

Income Band Weekly income Percentage entitlement LCTR
1 £0.00 £120.00 80%
2 £120.01 £150.00 50%
3 £150.01 £200.00 30%
4 £200.01 £250.00 20%
5 £250.01 £300.00 10%


If the customer or any partner is in receipt of Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance (income related), Job Seekers Allowance (income based) or maximum Universal Credit, they will automatically be placed in band 1.

This will also be the case where the customer would qualify for CTR based on their income and also meets the adult disability premium conditions. A deduction will be made from the CTR entitlement for any other adult who is living in the property as a member of the household and who is not the partner of the customer. The amount of the deduction will depend on the income of the other adult / s. If you have savings of more than £6,000 you will be unable to apply for CTR.

CTR must be applied for and is not automatically granted. You can download an application form or contact the council.

If you wish to apply in person, hand in forms or documents for your application or seek advice about it, you can visit one of our one stop shops in Kingswood, Yate and Patchway.

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