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About council tax - where your money goes

Council tax is your way of helping to pay for vital local services such as schools, roads, libraries, police, fire and rubbish collection.

The amount you pay depends on a number of factors such as where you live within South Gloucestershire, the band your property is in, and your personal circumstances.

Where your money goes 2022 to 23

Details of South Gloucestershire Council’s spending plans for 2022 to 23. Find out how council tax is calculated and where your money goes.

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Council tax adult social care precept explained

The government has allowed councils which provide social care to adults to increase the share of council tax. This additional council tax charge is called the adult social care precept (ASC).

This started in 2016/17 and it is a government requirement that this precept is shown as a separate line on the bill with an amount that is the cumulative total for this additional precept. The 2% increase shown on the bill is an increase on the South Gloucestershire basic council tax plus the special expenses amount for 2020/21.

The basic council tax charge does not include the Avon & Somerset Police precept, The Avon Fire Brigade precept, special expenses, or the parish precept.

The percentage increase is calculated on a Band D property as follows:

  • In 2016/17 the total precept was £1,274.66 (£1,249.76 + £24.90)  (2% ASC precept)
  • In 2017/18 the total was £1,339.54 (£1,275.79 + £63.75)  (3% ASC precept)
  • In 2018/19 the total was £1,421.54 (£1,317.00 + £104.54) (3% ASC precept)
  • In 2019/20 the total was £1,463.64 (£1,359.10 + £104.54) (no ASC precept)
  • In 2020/21 the total was £1,522.77 (£1,388.55 + £134.22) (2% ASC precept)
  • In 2021/22 the total was £1,599.51 (£1,418.99 + £180.52) (3% ASC precept)
  • In 2022/23 the total is £1,647.66 (£1,450.93 + £196.73) (1% ASC precept)

Find out what the adult social care precept pays for.

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