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Senior officers' pay

Information showing the pay grades for the chief executive, chief officer and other senior management posts and the senior management structure.

The council is publishing this information to be open about spending and to improve access to data. This has previously been available to the public but the council is now posting the information in accordance with the latest guidance from the open government licence and On this occasion it has been necessary to exclude names of individuals.

The salary tables show the job title, service area, full-time equivalent (FTE) of minimum contracted hours and actual salary. For those senior staff not covered by the requirement to be identified by name or function they have been grouped by salary bands of £5,000 in Table 3. Table 4 shows the main areas of activity in the council’s three departments and identifies the number of employees working in those departments.

All salaries and staff numbers are as of 31 December 2018

This data is free to reuse under the open government licence and in accordance with the code of conduct.


SGC Senior Management Structure

Structure image

South Gloucestershire Council Senior Management Structure – December 2019


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