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Information for staff

On this page we will provide updates for South Gloucestershire Council staff during periods where our offices are closed due to adverse weather, or when there are other disruptions to normal business working.

Home working
If especially poor weather is forecast, staff with laptops are recommended to take them home to enable home working if required. Please inform your line manager if you are working from home and make sure you are contactable.

Our policies state that if you can’t work from home or are unable to get into an office, managers should allow you to take the day as annual leave, unpaid leave, TOIL or flexi leave. Additionally, where child or other dependants care arrangements are disrupted, staff are able to take dependants care leave, in accordance with the scheme.

Guidance for managers
On the intranet there is guidance on managing staff in the event of an emergency or other business continuity event.

Following is some advice to help you stay safe during winter.

Road safety:

  • if visibility is poor during the day, turn on your headlights to make sure you can see and be seen. Make sure that lights and windows are clean
  • if visibility is seriously reduced, turn on your rear fog lights
  • check your tyres have plenty of tread depth and are inflated to the correct pressure. Also ensure your spare tyre is roadworthy
  • ensure you have sufficient anti-freeze in your car’s cooling system
  • check the battery is in good condition, topped up and fully charged.

More driving advice is available from the Highways Agency

Emergency Planning Unit advice
The Emergency Planning Unit have advice webpages (requires intranet access) including the cold weather plan for England and a range of winter advice.

Cyclists – be safe, be seen

  • dress for the weather, layer up and stay warm: visibility can be poor, so dress bright and be seen.
  • get your bike ready: lubricate your chain and other metal to metal parts and fit mudguards. Your bike may need a service so call in to your local bike shop.
  • light up: you can never have too many lights on your bike.
  • think about your route: major roads are most often gritted whereas minor roads may not be treated.
  • leave your bike at home in severe winter conditions (snow and ice).

We provide road safety training for cyclists; further information is available on our website or contact the Road Safety team, ext. 8449.

Personal safety
South Gloucestershire is a safe place to live and work, but staff are advised to take extra care when leaving work during the darker evenings. By following these simple steps you can keep yourself safe:

  • if you park your car on a road or public car park near your place of work, you may want to coincide your leaving time with a colleague who has parked nearby. In the morning there are usually more people about, but when you return you may feel more isolated if it is quiet when you are staying late. Consider bringing your car into the car park if the barrier is raised after 4pm
  • if you are visiting non-council premises in the course of your work, make sure someone in your team knows where you are going and when you will return
  • be careful if you are carrying equipment from your vehicle when it’s icy
  • the Suzy Lamplugh Trust provide good personal safety advice on their website

Remember to always report any incident or anything suspicious to the police.

We have more information on preparing and dealing with winter and severe weather.

Look out for the most vulnerable
When the weather gets cold there is natural concern for the wellbeing of rough sleepers. There are local arrangements in place to support rough sleepers, but we need to know about those in need. If you are aware of someone who is sleeping rough, please send an alert to StreetLink via the StreetLink app or via This service gives local authorities information about people sleeping rough in their area in order that they can be visited and get the support they need.

Met office advice
The Met office website has advice to help you stay safe and well throughout the winter months, along with information on travel and how to protect your home.

Travel advice | Protecting your home | Supporting the more vulnerable people in our communities


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