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Sustainable Community Strategy

South Gloucestershire 2026: A great place to live and work has been developed under the guardianship of the South Gloucestershire Partnership, the local strategic partnership set up in 2002.

The partnership brings together many different public, private, community and voluntary organisations to work with the community to identify and tackle key issues in a more co-ordinated way which enables both strategic decisions and local action.

The Sustainable Community Strategy sets out the shared vision and key priorities for the future of the area and is one of the ways which the South Gloucestershire Partnership use to identify and be responsive to local needs; it also provides direction to the partners’ work to improve integration, sustainability and service quality; to focus resources and work more efficiently together for the benefit of the people of South Gloucestershire.

The strategy aims to find the best ways of meeting today’s requirements without damaging the ability of future generations to meet their needs and is committed to making sure that in 2026 South Gloucestershire is a place where everyone is fulfilling their potential and experiencing an excellent quality of life. The Partnership addresses issues that local communities feel are important to their social, economic and environmental well-being in a way which draws on the energy and expertise of all in our communities.

This strategy sets the direction for the work of the partners and the context for many other strategies and plans. It is aligned to the Local Development Framework which takes forward the spatial aspects of the Sustainable Community Strategy. Performance indicators and targets will be set around the priorities of the strategy and achievement of these will contribute to the improvement of South Gloucestershire’s quality of life.

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