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Get involved with the council savings programme

The council savings programme will involve changes to a wide range of council services as we adjust to our more limited resources. Detailed decisions have yet to be taken for many of these changes, and in the coming years we need everyone to get involved to make sure we identify, and implement, the best solutions for South Gloucestershire.

For individual residents and service users, this might mean taking part in consultations and public debate on the future of services. We will consult and engage with local people on all significant service changes proposed as part of the savings programme, and details of all related consultations will available through the council’s one stop shops, libraries and website.

For community groups and other organisations, involvement in the savings programme might also mean working with us to explore new partnerships, or to take on greater responsibility for services that were traditionally provided by the council – in line with our localism strategy. You can find out more about our approach to localism.

More information

We will use these web pages to provide updates and examples of how we’re working with local people, our communities and partner organisations to deliver the savings programme. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter via @sgloscouncil, using the hashtag #sgcsavings

The council savings programme

Background to the savings programme

Delivering the savings programme

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