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Members' allowances

Approved by Council on 17 May 2017 on the recommendation of the Independent Panel on Members’ Remuneration.  The figures have been uplifted on 1 April 2019 to reflect the pay award for 2019/20.

Members’ allowances

Position Number Allowance at 1 April 2018 (£s)
Basic Allowance for all councillors* 61 £11,870 (Factor 100%)
Special Responsibility Allowances: 30 max
Leader of the Council 1 £22,553 (Factor 190%)
Minority Group Leaders 2 £8,309 (Factor 70%)
Executive Councillors (excluding Executive Councillor for CYP) 6 £11,870 (Factor 100%)
Executive Councillor for Children and Young People (CYP) 1 £14,244 (Factor 120%)
Chair of Development Control Committee 2 £8,309 (Factor 70%)
Chair of Regulatory Committee 1 £8,309 (Factor 70%)
Co-Chairs of Scrutiny Commission 2 £8,309(Factor 70%)
Chair of Health Scrutiny 1 £8,309 (Factor 70%)
Minority Leads on Health Scrutiny, Development Control and Regulatory Committee’s 8 £4,748 (Factor 40%)
Chair of Council 1 £5,935 (Factor 50%)
Vice Chair of Council 1 £1,780 (Factor 15%)


More information on members Special Responsibility Allowances (SRAs) including travel and subsistence allowances.

(*Note: The Basic Allowance is equivalent to 14/37 of SCP 28 on the Local Government pay scales and is index linked to that spinal column with adjustments equivalent to pay awards as they affect that SCP)


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